The Naturnorte

A Naturnorte - Management of Collective Equipment and Provision of Services, EMSA is a private person, with a municipal nature and in the form of an anonymous limited liability company that enjoys legal personality and is endowed with administrative, financial and patrimonial autonomy. It has its registered office at Sítio do Pé do Passo and a share capital in the amount of 85.000 euros, represented by 17.000 shares with a par value of 5.00 euros each. The company bases its activity and operation according to the legal regime of the local business activity and local participations, its by-laws, principles applicable to commercial companies and subsidiarily, by the state business sector regime.

It should be noted that the company's corporate purpose is the promotion and management of collective equipment and provision of services in the area of ​​education and culture, namely in the management of Caves and Volcano Center of São Vicente, as well as in the development of activities and provision of cultural and educational services in the same or in other collective equipment that Naturnorte can promote and / or manage; and the promotion, management and supervision of the municipal public parking. Also included in the company's objective are the promotion and execution of projects and actions in the area of ​​culture and environmental education and nature conservation, in what concerns the elaboration and execution of projects and actions directed to the knowledge, valorization and conservation of geodiversity and local biodiversity.
In this way, its main activity is the exploitation of Caves and Volcano Center of São Vicente and the management and operation of Autosilo - Vila de São Vicente Parking Lot.


To be a reference in the public sector of the region and in the field of service rendering and equipment management.


To contribute to the efficiency of the public sector and guarantee effective solutions in the provision of services, thus promoting the satisfaction of our clients and society in general, from the economic, social and environmental point of view.


Respect for the Client - Provision of quality services and attendance to their needs.

Ethics - Acting with transparency, rigor, competence, truth and loyalty.

Excellence - Requiring the best of all employees in order to satisfy and anticipate the needs and expectations of customers, seeking to continuously improve the quality of services provided.

Responsibility - Respecting the principles of sustainable economic, social and environmental development, seeking to contribute to social cohesion, respect for human rights and protection of the environment and citizens.

Learning and Development - The motivation and valorization of employees are indispensable conditions for the growth of the whole organization.
Caves and Volcano Center of São Vicente

Auto Silo of São Vicente
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